Review of "The Orb of Truth", by Brae Wyckoff

“Arise and return to Me what was never lost, only waiting.”

Those words transform the fates of two Ordakians, Bridazek and Spilf, thieves and fighters.  With their Dwarf “associate”, Dulgin, they set off on a quest–to find the source of a mysterious box.

This box literally lands in Bridazek’s lap; the culmination of a dream he has had nearly every night of his life.  This last had a different ending, though:  the words “It is time”.  He wakes to find the box where nothing had been before, and starts a journey that will take him through mysterious realms and terrifying foes, constantly pursued by the forces of darkness.  His band of adventurers grows, with the help and friendship from a human nomad by the name of Abawken and an elf called Xan. 

Only when he finds the Key to unlock the box, and discovers the Orb of Truth, with its commanding yet love-filled Presence, does he begin to understand his calling.  The words uttered by Xan are what drive the adventurers to their goal, even beyond the realm of mortality:  “I tend to think of risk as faith”.


Imagine what the end product would be if J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis were to collaborate on a book.  I am pretty sure “The Orb of Truth” would be very much like what they would come up with.  An adventure that mingles Old and New Testament beliefs with the world of mythological creatures, Mr. Wyckoff deftly weaves Scripture into the dialogue, making this book very readable and absorbing.  His descriptions are fantastic (the wild forest of Everwood is described as “an orchestra without a conductor”), and the characters are well fleshed-out.  He even has some comedy relief, in the form of two animated lock picks that are in the possession of the Ordakian Spilf.

The ending was satisfying, yet it made me want to read more of their adventures.  Fortunately, Mr. Wyckoff has a second book coming out soon, “The Dragon God”.  I can hardly wait!





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