Interview with J. K. Accinni, author of "Baby: Species Interventionn #6609"



Today I get the privilege of interviewing Kelly Accinni, the author of some really terrific books.  I have read and reviewed “Baby: Species Intervention #6609”, and I will be asking questions concerning this book for the most part.  However, she has written four books in the series, and they are all worth checking out.

Thanks for the chance to interview you, Kelly.  This is a busy time of year, and I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions.

 In the title, “Baby: Species Intervention #6609”, what does the number stand for?  Or would that be a spoiler for the rest of the series? 


 No, it’s not a spoiler. The number represents the number of times God, (the name by which we know Him) has had to intervene with the life forms of a planet, usually because something is out of balance. One species of life may be running amok, to the detriment of the planet. In all of time and in every solar system, “God” reorganized life 6608 times. Until the focus became Earth. Hence…. #6609. 


What a creative concept! This was the first book in the series, now numbering four.  What was your original inspiration for the series?


This will sound crazy but as I drive along roads and highways, I see carcasses of dead animals and it pains me greatly. I used to daydream that I had the power to bring them back to life. It started from there. The book “Baby” was originally just a prologue about a woman who found a strange injured creature in the woods. But you know what happens when you write. My fingers decided what THEY  wanted the story to be about and before I could stop them, they had given Netty a whole life. Her story became the first book. 


It is so sad to see critters dead on the road.  Especially deer or dogs.


I have had personal experience with storylines running amok, so I understand that part completely.  One prologue became four books–wow!  Will you be continuing the series into a fifth book?


Oh yes, I will start it in January. I have so much planned for my characters. (I don’t want to say good-bye to them. They are like real people to me.) I am truly hoping to make this the last in the series but the plot line might require two books. My characters must survive for 100 years yet and then go on to establish a brand new world with new creatures and new challenges. That’s an awful lot to finish in one book. 


Now you’ve got me dying to see how this all pans out!!  I’m also curious as to how you came up with Baby’s personality and physical description.  It can’t be easy trying to find “life” for a character from another dimension and still make it believable.


That was not easy. I wanted to stay away from comparisons to E.T. and I love furry creatures. But Baby and Echo’s system is different from ours as they don’t mate like other creatures and they don’t eat food. They rely on energy from the sun. I also needed to give them a deadly defense system. And a way to control other creatures as they visited other worlds in their pursuits, creating life as minions of “God.” Baby’s personality evolved from the damage he sustained entering Earth’s atmosphere. It also messed with his enzymes, turning on the ability to be immortal as they had once been. 


I have yet to read beyond the first book, but I know that the book after “Baby” takes place in 2033.  Was it difficult or easy to write about a future world?


I didn’t want to go too far into the future so I had it easier. All I had to do was extrapolate from what we all guess might happen to the planet as we use up resources and our enemies decide not to play with us anymore. Man as a species is fatally flawed. We have the ability to control our environment unlike any other creature, yet we use that ability to rape the planet, subjugate and torture for our amusement and we kill wantonly. I refer to what we do to other creatures. I often wonder if women ruled would it be different. I think not for what does one do with our population explosion. In the wi
ld, disease will come and reduce the offending species. When that happens to Homo sapiens, we find a cure and the population explosion continues.


With great intellect comes great responsibility.  I’m with you–the “responsibility” part has to start showing up more.  But the book goes beyond mere earthly existence.  It seems to me that “Baby” has a deeper spiritual meaning.  If I’m correct, please elaborate on this.


Oh, yes it does. I really can’t comment to any degree because it is one of the biggest reveals of the series. It involves who “God” really is and the joke as we dubbed ourselves as “chosen.”


Since the protagonist, Nettie, is an animal lover, I thought I’d ask if you yourself have any pets. 


Yes I had 5 doggies. (I lost my fifth one to a congenital illness just a few months ago. Her name was Echo, named after the creature in my second book. We haven’t recovered from her loss yet). We also adopted 8 rabbits from the pound but had to find a good home for them when we moved to Florida.They were too fragile for the trip. Just a side note; Netty’s farm is the farm where my mother grew up. I myself grew up in a house on the land that was the farm.The large granite rock that guards the entrance to the Hive was a rock I played on as a child. My whole life has always been about creatures.


I’m so sorry about your loss of Echo.  Our cat 18-year-old cat died the day after Thanksgiving this year, so I am right there with you.


I wondered about the farm; you seemed to know it so personally.  Now I know!


Do you have any more books, besides the series, that you are considering writing?


My next series will revolve around an abandoned child that rescues a puppy from death as its mother and litter mates are drowned by an ignorant man that lives in a forest. The series will revolve around the exploits of the strange puppy and the young child as they mature into adulthood.


I think that is a great premise.  If that series is half as good as the one you’re working on now, it will be a huge hit, I’m sure.


Writing is difficult, but so is the other arm–the marketing and publishing.  How did you go about getting your first book published?


Life is so amazing. I met an author through my job. My second sickness after creatures is books of course, so we talked and I  found myself lamenting about always wanting to write a book. Poor guy, how many times do you think he ever heard that! So he said, “Then sit down and DO it.” And I did. I met my publisher at a cocktail party held at my house. So simple…. so fated. It’s amazing how your life can turn on a dime! 


Lucky bum!  🙂


I understand your book proceeds have a higher purpose.  Would you care to elaborate on this?


Part of the proceeds from my third book get donated to The Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary here in Sarasota. It’s a remarkable facility that is open to the public for visits. It takes a lot of $$ to feed and house over 25 lions and tigers not to mention the 10 bears from all over the world and the assorted other wildlife that my characters steal from the Sanctuary in the book. (They are hoping to get them to the Hive in NJ before the bombs are dropped)


Oh, nice tie-in!  Please let us know where we can purchase your books or learn more about you.

Thanks so much once again for being on my blog today, Kelly.  Best of luck with everything! 


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