Review of "Baby: Species Intervention #6609" by J Kelly Accinni

How tragically ironic.  Nettie Smith, a young farmer’s daughter with an abiding respect for all life, gets married to a brute of a man who shows his true colors only after the wedding.  He imprisons her in the mansion, does not allow her to communicate with anyone, and physically abuses her.  Finally, after several years, Nettie finally escapes back to her farm, only to find that all of her loved ones are dead and gone.

Afraid of being found out by her husband, Nettie hides inside her cabin in the middle of nowhere.  She only ventures out when necessary.  But one day, she is compelled beyond what her reason tells her is safe to wander into the woods, where she literally uncovers a strange being.

It is injured, and Nettie focuses only on that fact as she takes him back to her home.  Their relationship grows closer, even though communication can sometimes be a problem.  Everything else around them grows too—crops, orchards, fields.  Soon Nettie and her hidden companion are able to make a life on their own, and Nettie forgets her brutal husband and his gang of Prohibition bootlegging thugs.

Enter Wil Capaccino, a young man who Nettie finds beaten up and left to die on her land.  Once again, she brings home the injured and nurses him back to health.  Once he gets over the shock of meeting Baby, the strange life form that lives with Nettie, life settles back to normal.  Wil stays on, and their little family grows in love and prosperity, even while both Nettie and Wil start to change physically.

All is well until Robert, Nettie’s husband, learns of her whereabouts.  He is a powerful gangster who rules the courts and the law officials, and soon has the prosperous farm back in his own crooked hands.  He thinks he has done away with Nettie, Baby, and Wil – but he finds out that is not the case.  And Nettie and her family are far from gone…

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Ms. Accinni did a great job of making her characters real.  Nettie is a very likeable, very strong character.  I like that she is independent and willing to take her problems into her own hands.  Certainly, Wil is a great help, but he works from a base that Nettie herself established.

Wil is someone I would really respect.  He loves without question, accepts Nettie for who she is, even when her physicality changes.  Every time he meets up with a life-changing situation, he merely weighs it against his love for Nettie, and decides for her.  This attitude turns out to save his life, although it doesn’t seem that way when someone “kills” him – those who read the book will understand why I put quotes around that word.

And Baby—Baby is a miracle sent down from somewhere.  There is mention of Baby’s “offspring”, which is tantalizing because it isn’t found.  Baby himself is anything but a baby, which is the irony in his name.  He is older and wiser than anyone on his new planet, and has gifts that he is only too willing to share with his new acquaintances.

What a wonderful first book in the series!  I hope to pick up the next one soon, because I just have to know how Nettie “managed to save her coup de grace” for Robert. 

That’s the last line of the book.  The next book is entitled “Echo” and begins in 2033.  And Nettie is still in the world.  Hmmm…

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