Interview with Venessa Kimball

Today I’m interviewing Venessa Kimball, author of “Piercing the Fold”, which I just recently reviewed.  Her book totally captivated me, and I had to get an interview outof her.  Fortunately, she agreed.


Thanks for taking time to do this, Venessa. 


There is so much symbolism in your book.  For example, it has so many Biblically-based names.  Did you do a lot of research in order to come up with the decisions you made on what your characters would be called?


I did take some time to place names with characters.  And, yes, they are biblically-based names. The symbolism definitely runs deep with a few characters more than others.  Research took quite a bit time with this series due to the Biblical references and symbolism as well as the heavy “fringe science” theories and concepts that saturate this series.


It was a lot of fun discovering all of the deeper meanings behind the names.  So what was the inspiration behind your book? 


It all started with a show on The Learning Channel or Discovery Channel, can’t quite remember.  It was late on November 22, 2010  and I was decompressing in front of the television.  I was watching a show about the plausibility of wormholes.  That was it.  My mind started going through the “what ifs”.  I started googling everything from wormholes to galactic collisions.  This  prominent person kept coming to the forefront of my mind.  It was her, Jesca, the main character.  Her image, her features, her stature, everything was there when she came to my mind.  That night she was born.  The next day, November 23, 2010 I started drafting Piercing the Fold: Book 1.  All the characters began popping into my head, revealing their purpose in this story.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

 I have to agree.  It’s crazy how the Muse can take over an author’s thought processes and doesn’t let go until it gets its way.  But yours had more than just science at work.  It was clear to me that the storyline is based in faith in a Higher Power.  Could you give us a short-answer on the message you are wanting to convey?

The message I want to convey is that there is something/someone of higher power at work in our universe.   I have my own faith and belief in who this is.  I want the reader to reflect on what they believe is at work here in our universe.

 I agree with that wholeheartedly.  And, speaking of names, I assume you know that “Sera” (Jesca’s surname) means “will be”.  Was that part of your plan?

Yes. Once again, the symbolism of names, themes, and storyline run deep in this series intentionally.  Much can be picked apart and analyzed in this series. 

That was the fun of it!  And it did end in a cliffhanger of sorts, so I am curious as to the next one.    How many books are in the series, and are you still working on them?

There will be 3 books for sure. I am wrapping up book 2 and it will be sent to the editor soon.  The second book, titled “Surfacing the Rim: Piercing the Fold Book 2”, will be released in March 2013.  Book 3, title unreleased, should follow by end of summer 2013.

 Yay!  Looking forward to it!

One of the things about your writing intrigued me.   The narrative changes point-of-view in places, at times rather dramatically.  Tell us the reason behind this.  It works well, by the way.

There are some characters in book 1 that will have a strong significance in book 2.  In  preparation for the coming events in book 2 and book 3, I felt it necessary to have the readers experience certain characters in the first person POV.  First person POV, can give the reader a more intimate experience with the character and what they are experiencing in the book.  Having given those particular characters first person position in book 1, my intention is for book 2’s impact on the reader to be more fulfilling.

 Another note on your writing style.  You wrote in the present-tense throughout the book, which is a real challenge.   Was it difficult keeping most of the book in the present-tense?

When this
story played out in my mind, it was always in first person, present-tense.  Putting it on paper like this was the natural flow of this story.  Editorial-wise, there were some minor shifts out momentarily, simply from not being experienced with writing a novel in present-tense. (Piercing the Fold: Book 1 was my debut novel).   Over all, the ease of writing in this tense was not difficult. 

 Something kind of random:    Do you have a favorite method or place to write?

Yes, my sofa and my personal desk in my bedroom.  I combine both long-hand as well as typing when drafting.  Some days I feel like composing in a black and white composition notebook.  Other times, I feel like typing.  Right now, I’m in the “turbo typing” mode. 

Wish I could do that.  My fingers don’t go where they’re supposed to on the keyboard, so I get too frustrated. 

Have you had a lot of support?  Who in your life is your greatest fan?

I have had amazing support from close friends and all of my family.  My greatest fan is my husband for sure!.  My kids are second on the greatest fan list.  They are my daily motivation.  My eldest asks me daily at dinner, “How many words did you type today mommy!”  He keeps me accountable. 

 Good for him!  It helps to have a wonderful support system.

 I hope I’ve piqued everyone’s interest in Venessa’s book.  So, I must ask her–Where can we buy your books?

They are available on Amazon and Smashwords.  The audiobook for Piercing the Fold: Book 1 due to release soon, possibly this year, will be distributed to and iTunes.

 Audiobook for Piercing the Fold: Book 1.  Tell us more about this? 


The audiobook has been in production with a studio based in San Antonio, Texas, my hometown.  Soundbox Studio.  It has been in production since September 2012. 

The process has been very long simply because this audiobook is going to be very different from the typical audiobook.   Piercing the Fold: Book 1 audiobook will encompass multi-talent/ voiceovers for the characters in the novel. So, the book will flow like a movie for the mind as you listen to the voices interact.  The most time consuming process of the production is directing the talents/voiceovers in relation to the interaction and emotions between characters in the book.  In a way, I was the director, which is kind of mind blowing.  We are wrapping up the final takes on re-edits and the final product is only a week or so away!   I’m hoping to release the audiobook right around the new year 2013.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone! 

 Oh, that sounds terrific!  Thank you so much for answering my questions, Venessa.

And thank you to all who stopped by to read it!


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