Interview with J. Lee Akers

Welcome to my blogsite!  I am interviewing J. Lee Akers today, who has recently had a book of poetry published.  Congratulations! 

It is entitled “Wicked Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares.”  Can you tell us a bit about it?


It is basically a book of poetry that I have written over the course of the years, some dating back as far as 95-96.

I’ll bet it has a lot of your own history in it, which is what makes poetry appealing.  Sixteen years is a lot of time for maturation and life events.  Would you like to share an excerpt with us? 

This is part of a poem called “Heavens’  Tears”, one of the newer poems most recently written.

     I sit with thoughts

The rain falls mixing 

    With my thoughts

My tears fall and

     Mingle with the rain

Our stories collide 

You’ve captured a very real image.  I’ve been in that situation myself, and can relate to it.

I’m told this is your first book.  Do you have anything else in the works?

I have several books in the works, plus a few more poetry books up my sleeves. I plan to write a paranormal series with my publisher, Faellin Angel.

Love that genre.  As long as it doesn’t get too scary–there’s not enough room under my bed for both me and my cat.

When did you first decide to become a writer?  Or was it a case of the writing calling you?

It was in high school when I got to choose some of my classes and one of them was creative writing.  After a few days in the class, I realized I really liked it, and started writing a lot.

The right teacher or the right venue can really bring out the writer hiding inside.  Not only does it make class interesting, it can also be the start of a really fulfilling career.  (I didn’t say lucrative…)  What was it that inspired you to write poetry, and, in particular, “Wicked Dreams”?

I see inspiration in everything, but mostly in words. I’ll see a phrase and say “Hey I can work with that.”

Like a painter who envisions an entire work from a blade of grass or a water droplet.  That is a wonderful talent.

Most writers I’ve met have to have things just so in order to create.  In what kind of surroundings do you feel that you do your best writing?

When I’m alone, or have my dog with me, and when I’m listening to music .

Good, quiet companions that don’t interrupt your line of thought with conversation.  Yep, I understand that.  It helps with writing and reading both.  Speaking of which, what genre of book do you yourself read?  Any particular authors?  Why them?

I love paranormal books and my favorite happens to be L.J. Smith. She was one of the first paranormal YA books I read and really got into.

Ah, yes, “The Vampire Diaries”.  She really hit the bigtime, didn’t she?  I haven’t read her work, but a lot of people like it.  I’ll have to check it out one of these days.

Now–why poetry as opposed to a storyline?

Poetry always came easier for me then stories. I got stuck a lot with plot lines and characters and such. I am trying to improve that though, as I’m eager to get my books published too.

Characters do have a way of taking over.  It can be hard to rein them in. 

Who is your publisher?  Why did you choose this particular company?

Faellin Angels Realm  LP is my publisher because the owner, Christina Worrell aka Faellin Angel, and I have become good friends. Our last publisher was not that great so my publisher started one on her own. I help Faellin Angel as much as I can. She is truly an awesome person.

She does seem like a terrific person.

One more question:  Do you have any advice for other up-and-coming authors such as yourself?

Never give up on your dreams. They are what makes you who you are. Be different and dare to dream the impossible.

Yes, definitely.  Couldn’t agree more.  A lot of people lose sight of that.


Thanks for being on my blog today.  I hope everyone enjoyed learning about a very promising poet.


J Lee Akers’ poetry book, “Wicked Dreams and Beautiful Nighmares”, can be found at Goodreads:




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