Review of "Birth of the Monster" by Shane O’Neill

Vlad Tepes, with help from his army and allies, has fought what he believes to be the last battle in his fight to regain the throne.  Tired, but triumphant, he leads his troops through a mountain pass, only to be ambushed by assassins.  Wounded, he retreats to a lonely abbey chapel, believing himself to be safe there.  Unfortunately for him, and for all of humanity, there is one who finds him there and changes his life forever.  And “forever” is literal.

“Birth of the Monster” is a very short book, less than thirty pages.  However, every page is packed with action, from Vlad’s observance of battle on the first page to the deal he can’t turn down on the last.  Mr. O’Neill has certainly done his homework; dates and places, terms and relationships, all seem to be in keeping with what can be found in a cursory search of Vlad Tepes’ background.  How he describes the meeting between Vlad and Satan is violent, horrific, and very easily believed.  And the physical transformation as Vlad goes from mortal to vampire is nothing like I have ever read before.  Mr. O’Neill’s descriptions of battle and carnage, although not overwhelming, are very clear and captivating.

The author has another book coming out very soon, titled “The Dracula Chronicles”, and I for one can hardly wait!




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