Portland to Coast, Part 2–I hope

We stopped briefly to visit with our volunteers (well, Ruthee, Mike, and Connie went to see them while the rest of us stayed in the van). They are now volunteer captains! Yay for them! We also heard of a fire that happened in St. Helens, which was on Connie’s leg, earlier that day. A tire store–the entire roof burned and fell in, smoke and burned rubber everywhere–the route had to be changed, and it added another mile and a half to the event. We felt blessed that it happened after we were long gone. And grateful that no one got hurt.

Got to the house (pictured above) at about 10:30pm or so, unloaded, and had a look around. Tiny place–three bedrooms, two bathrooms. But–real plumbing! And flush toilets! Running water! These things are more precious than gold after hours of portapotties and hand sanitizer. Those in most need of showers took them, the rest of us opting out until the next morning. Then it was time for a most-welcome encounter with a mattress and soft pillows.

The next morning, Paul and I had a very nice, leisurely breakfast at the Shilo Inn on the beach, and got to see the early-arrival teams meandering around. It was nice to see some of the teams we’d missed on the route, such as the Disco Divas. After a couple of years of doing this, you get used to seeing various teams. It gets to be like family, by van recognition if not by personal relationships.

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