I don’t know about the rest of the country, but it sure is acting like a normal Spring here in the Northwest.  Maybe a little cool, but we don’t expect full-on summer until after July 4 anyway.   Pretty typical.

I just had an interesting thought while walking this afternoon.  Thinking about the SF Bay Area, where I’m originally from, I was comparing the greenery there to what we have here.  And the comparison hit me:  The trees, plants, and grass in the Santa Clara Valley have to work at it to look green, while here in Oregon, the green just…happens.

The garden is crazy this year.  I think it’s because my husband really worked at augmenting the soil with sand and organic compost.  A word of warning about growing potatoes–unless you really LOVE potatoes, be careful to remove all the remains of the plant.  We planted them last year with minimum success, but this year, due to moving the soil around the yard, they are EVERYWHERE!  I wish the greens could be used, but since they are of the nightshade family—best not.

The corn is finally all up, except three stalks.  They’ve been replanted–again.  It looks really odd out there, with all the stalks and sprouts accompanied by sticks and circled by plastic rings.  But it’s the only way I’ve found to keep the cats–mine as well as the neighborhood roamers–from digging them up while they decide where they’re going to poop.

The peas are the weirdest.  They are planted around a circle of thin sticks that are bound together at the top, but the vines outgrew these boundaries weeks ago.  They stand a good four feet high, and as they got taller, I tied them into a column with twine.  A couple of days ago, the top of the column slumped over onto the base, but the ends are coming back up.  It looks like a large vegetable-based question mark.  As long as I get peas off it…which I am…it could look like an entire paragraph if it wants.

We have actual cherries on the cherry trees this year!  Two years ago, all three trees were having trouble with a leaf fungus.  The guy who came out to diagnose it said that the problem was probably made worse by the lack of air circulation around them.  There are so many trees in the one area that we have more of a wall than foliage out there.

The trees were feeling better last year, but were in recuperation and didn’t give us anything.

Then our back-fence neighbor’s tree sloughed off a huge bough during the fall of last year, which opened up a nice air hole, plus supplying us with firewood for this winter.  There are more cherries on two of the trees now than we have had on either for all the years they have been out there.  (I don’t count the third–it’s a baby and has only been out there for three years.)

Blueberries, strawberries, roses–all in great abundance.  My only disappointment was the irises this year.  Guess it’s time to divide the bulbs again.

And now I think I will get my thoughts ttother and write Chapter 34 before 10pm rolls around.  I’ve put it off long enough.  It’s one of those getting-from-drama-to-another-drama, fill-in chapters.  It’ll be interesting enough, especially since little Toby shows off even more of his unusual talents.  But I have to get into the mindset–was hoping that blogging would help.  Maybe.  We shall see.

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