I have three days to catch up on now.  And I am exhausted.  Gotta do this!

Tuesday:  We started out visiting Cold Harbor.  It was a little cold, but I didn’t see a harbor anywhere.  Still don’t know why it was called that.   Not as big as the more famous battlefields.  But the battle itself was still nasty.

Then we stopped off at The Wilderness, which was an opening in the woods at the end of a cul-de-sac.  But still preserved, which is great.

We spent most of the day at Colonial Williamsburg.  Funny, I always imagined it more rural.  But it was a lot more than I expected.  The walk starts out on a plantation farm–we watched someone use a plow and horse to furrow a row through corn.  On its way back down the next row, the horse pulled itself a stalk of corn and munched it, making me wonder how much profit was lost through the “equipment” used on the farm…

We saw people working on building a new barn or something, and it’s amazing what was accomplished with such primitive equipment.

The first actual building we went into was the Governor’s Mansion.  The lady who took us on the tour of the house did a great job getting us into the era.  In our tour, we were “visiting” on a certain day in history–and she made me really feel that we were in the midst of the drama.

The foyer of the mansion was unbelievable.  Weapons–knives, firearms, swords–all in patterns up and down every wall in the foyer and beyond.  I’ll post the pictures when I get home.

Then we visited the outbuildings–including a smokehouse with real meat hunks hanging from the ceiling.  Ick…I let Paul take those pictures.

Saw brickmakers–the number of bricks they’re able to make is staggering–they’d have to, considering a largish house takes about a quarter-million bricks to build.

 And there are different professionals for different bits of the house, like today.  Blacksmiths for locks, hinges, and nails; people who built the bigger things, others who did the frames for the doors and windows, furniture-makers, etc.  So many jobs back then.  Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to go back to those times, just so everyone would have a job.

Saw the Government House and the jail, moving quickly because we were being followed by horde of middle-school students.  Eeep!

The biggest challenge was taking pictures without people in them.  Not always successful, but we did a pretty good job.

Our last stop was a church, still in use–the only actually original building on the Williamsburg site.  Had the usual cemetery around it, and something we thought was rather weird–they put benches between headstones!  Maybe so the stones wouldn’t get knocked over, since they were in the walkway area.  Still…

We stopped at another battlefield–Sharpsburg.  Small again, and the visitor center was closed, so we didn’t explore too much. 

Heading into Chesapeake, we drove under the Bay, which was cool.  But looking for a particular restaurant from our hotel was frustrating and confusing.  The info book said this particular place was three miles away.

It was actually 17 miles away…and turned out to be fast food.  And the pizza was not so good.  Oh well…still had a great day.


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