This day certainly started early.  There are Some People of my acquaintance (and you know who you are) who would consider 7am as not all that early.  Is to me…

We went to the 8am Mass at St. Theresa’s in Harrisburg (or a ‘burb).  Nice, traditonal one.  No surprises.  Just the way I like them.

We drove to Hershey, making GPS Gertie totally nuts.  Of course, it was back onto the PA Turnpike…she punishes us any time she can.  I think the GPS people are in league with the turnpike people…

Had breakfast at a Friendly’s, where the staff was friendly to the public but not to each other.  Understaffed, overworked–I can see how that would be a problem.

We went to the Hershey “Factory Tour” thinking we would see, well, the FACTORY.  No–instead we were herded with an IMMENSE number of other tourists onto a ride, past animatronic cows (“It’s A Small World” reverberated through my head, along with some blue words with adult meanings), and through a video tour of how things are done.  And the sound system was not near as loud as the people behind us.  Kind of a bummer.

It let us out in the gift shop (now there’s a surprise), which we had no interest in.  Chocolate is wonderful, but not when I think of how too much of it adds to my weight.  I looked for playing cards, but they were out of stock, so we left.  Good thing–you couldn’t breathe without hitting someone else!  It was crazy!

We didn’t go to the theme park–we had other things to do.  But Paul wants to bring the kids back here some time.  Have fun–I’m staying home and going to the beach.  Much more preferable.

We looked in the AAA book for things to see in Lancaster County, and decided on the Amish Farmhouse.  Gertie got us there–she’s such a GPS trouper–and we saw that the “farmhouse” was right off the highway, across a small alleyway from a Target store!  Not what we had envisioned at all.

Deciding to do things differently, we took off cross-country on our own, and it wasn’t long before we saw the horse-and-buggies trotting along the road.  There were a lot of them–must be a Sunday thing to go all over and visit the friends and relations.  I only took pictures from behind–it seems wrong to treat these folks as if they were in a zoo.  The two young ladies roller-skating their way to wherever they were going–that was cute!

We had a great time, traipsing up and down these country roads.  We stopped in a small town (the name used to be Cross Keys–now it’s Intercourse–yes, get your giggling done), where I went to a garage sale.  Nice haul!  l got three unfinished quilts for $12–they weren’t authentic, pure Amish, as they were machine-sewn, but they are terrific and I will someday finish them!

Finished up the day at the Lancaster Brewing Company, where we had some of the finest beer I have ever had in my life.  Rivals Corvallis’ Block 15 and McMenamin’s Terminator Stout.

Not sure how I will finish up the day.  Part of me wants to go walking, but it isn’t the part that has the big purple bruise under the toenail.  Best take it easy–we go to Sharpsburg and Harper’s Ferry tomorrow.  Lots of walking involved, I am promised.

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