Oh it has been a full day.  I am pooped.  Paul is out cold again–all that driving is wearing.  He yawned every two minutes on the way to our hotel tonight.

We headed out early–I got a great night’s sleep after going on a writing tear late last night.  Paul was sweet–he went to Wawa to get my ceeal, coffee, and banana while I packed my stuff.  But he was certainly in a sweat to get moving!  Stood over me like a vulture while I finished my breakfast.  Had to eat the banana and drink the coffee in the car.  Ended up being a good thing, considering  how busy we were throughout the day.

GPS Gertie put us on the PA Turnpike, which really wasn’t that expensive.  We were just glad that I-75 was good to us.  The 2-hour trip from Valley Forge yesterday took us…EIGHTEEN MINUTES!! on the return today!

We had to finish what we’d missed–went to Washington’s Headquarters and the Washington Chapel (built through efforts of the Daughters of the American Revolution–huzzah!).  Our stay at the Chapel was shortened by a — funeral…um, bye!

(I want another beer…just sayin)

On the way to Gettysburg, on the Turnpike, we stopped at a services oasis on the turnpike to have lunch.  Yet another Philly cheese steak sandwich for Paul, and a cheese chicken one for me.  Unbelievably, I ate the whole thing, promising myself a salad for dinner.

We finally arrived at the battlefield…

I have been awed before, by many sights and things, but nothing, NOTHING!! compares to topping the rise over a small hill and seeing the expanse of the battlefield.  I was both incredulous and saddened by the immense amount of land that our brave military personnel–on both sides–fought over and between, and the lives that were lost.  But I was also so encouraged that our Union was still together.

I saw a lot of monuments and memorials–let’s face it, the entire site is really one big graveyard and memorial.  We drove everywhere (due to the humidity, I wouldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes outside of the car), and saw the Military Cemetary, Pickett’s Charge, Big Round Top, Little Round Top (it had cooled off somewhat, so I could climb around), the Devil’s Den, the Wheat Field, and the Peach Orchard–sure enough, my first picture came out blank.  Ghosts do mess with your pictures there.

Amazing day.  We’re already trying to figure out how we can get in another visit when we go to New Orleans next year.

We drove back to Harrisburg, and the rain set in.  After checking in, we were going to go across the parking lot to a Bob Evans, but it was pouring and the lightning and thunder were going on.  So we stayed in the hotel restaurant, which was okay.  The Greek Salad was terrific.  The Guinness was do-able. 

Tomorrow, Lancaster and Hershey, for sure.



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