We are now in the outskirts of Philly.  Got a nice late-ish start, and we were able to find a Dunkin Donuts for some decent coffee.  We have since found out that these places are as thick as Wal-marts on a dog’s back.  You get my drift.

The GPS needed aspirin and a Valium by the time we finished with it.  Construction zones, underground streets, missed turns–I thought it was going to explode! 

But we made it to Valley Forge, passing a tiny little sign commemorating the Battle of Brandywine off a small street in the middle of a residential area.  Kind of lost in the traveling.  Pity.

We looked around in the visitors center at Valley Forge, and then started out walking the tour.  Nice memorials, a huge arch, reproduction cabins, and lovely greenery.  Everything was just ducky until about 2:40pm, when the clouds shot us with bullet-like drops of rain and hail.  They really hurt!

By the time we got back to the car, we were drenched.  Lucky us (?), it took us 2 hours to go 30 miles (I-76 is a slowly-moving parking lot) to the hotel.  We were dry enough so we didn’t squelch into the lobby and get their floors all wet.

After we quickly changed clothes, we went to visit Paul’s cousin and her husband.  Wonderful people, terrific dinner.  They’ll be picking us up in the morning to take us to the “L” so we can ride into downtown Philly and look around.

My feet and my shoes are no longer getting along, so I hope I last the day.

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