Dear Lord how I hate mornings.  Especially when they rudely awaken you at 3-blessed-30.  And then the hubby is like a Jack Russell on steroids.  He’s lucky I haven’t given him a permanent limp.

But all is well at the moment.  We’re having a 2-hour layover in Salt Lake City, so I have time to do this.

Joe was a trouper–got up, drove us to the airport, even though he had to get to work later.  As he said, “work today is going to be interesting”.  Much coffee ought to help.

The plane had about 20 people on it–and Paul and I just had to sit by Tim the Talkative Traveler.  He was across the aisle from us, and he yakked his companion’s ear off the entire flight.  I did get some sleep, but it was to the sound of his voice–and it was still going when I woke up.

I think we lost him–I hope.

It’s a little warmer here in SLC, and I’ve had a large mocha–Starbucks, unfortunately, but what can ya do…They’re putting in a Seattle’s Best just down the corridor, which is worlds better.

Interesting, seeing the open-pit mines on the approach to SLC airport.  Definitely puts a shift in the landscape…

I think I’m over the worst with my ear–PTL.  First morning in two weeks that sounds haven’t been muffled.  Ringing still there, but not as bad.

More later.  I think sleep will not happen until tonight.

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