Review of “Cast-off Cocker Spaniels”, by Becky Corwin-Adams

cocker spaniels

The cover pulls the reader right in, doesn’t it? Who could not feel pity for the little pup roaming the rails?

Now, Ms. Corwin-Adams did not pick up stray cocker spaniels off the train tracks. But there were some that seemed that way. From childhood, and her first cocker spaniel, Ginger, she has had a love affair with this breed, and it shows in this book.

From 1994 until the present day, she has had a continuous parade of cockers dwelling in her home. And like a proud mother displaying pictures of her kids, Ms. Corwin-Adams tells lovingly of each one of them–how they came into her life, the crazy and terrible and loving things they experienced together, and the final moments of many of the little dogs.

Currently, she is living with seven of the breed, and her husband is not only happily cooperative, he is also guilty of bringing home new dogs (usually from rescue groups) that soon wriggle their way into her heart.

She has had a long and wonderful relationship with Columbus Cocker Rescue in Ohio, from where she received most of her dogs. She dedicates the book to this group.

More power to her, to her tender, dog-loving heart, and to all of those who spend time and money to bettering the lives of castoff dogs everywhere.

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“Bleeding Kansas” – a rip-roaring Western by Dave Eisenstark

Bleeding Kansas 1 gives us this definition of “Bleeding Kansas”:  Bleeding Kansas refers to the time between 1854-58 when the Kansas territory was the site of much violence over whether the territory would be free or slave.

Here is what the book is about:


 When they came for him, he knew what he had to do…run!

Quaker farm-boy James Deeter escapes west ahead of Union Army recruiters, “aiming to look manly aboard my Appaloosa horse, long hair flying free from under a wide-brimmed, rawhide sombrero, a couple of six-shooters on my hips and a plains rifle dangling from a brass-tacked saddle.”

Instead, Deeter lands smack in the middle of the bloody guerilla war along the Kansas-Missouri border, an even greater affront to human decency than the Civil War itself, and a shock to Deeter’s pacifist upbringing.

To save his life, Deeter rides with rebel leaders William Quantrill, “Bloody Bill” Anderson, and the teen-aged James and Younger brothers.

To save his soul, he tries not to hurt anybody…

Which works for about a minute.

Can Deeter reconcile his peace-loving faith with his participation in some of the most violent episodes in American history?

Can he even survive?

His horse doesn’t think so.

OK–that last line–you get the idea that this is not a dry historical tome that is being touted here. In fact, it sounds like it is downright hilarious! Not convinced?  Have a look at a snippet from the book:

“This is ridiculous!” Bloody Bill repeated and he drew his pistol to reinforce the point. He aimed at Zeke.

“No!” I screamed.

“We ain’t takin’ anybody don’t have all their parts,” Bloody Bill stated.

“Now wait a minute,” George Shepherd, the one-eyed guerilla leader replied, taking offense, pulling his pistol.

“Aw, Shepherd, I didn’t mean you,” Bloody Bill said, the closest to an apology anybody ever heard Bloody Bill utter.

“Stop it, all of you!” Quantrill ordered. “Help the boy on his horse.”

A couple of guerillas saddled Zeke’s horse and pushed him on. He sat there, one foot in the stirrup, ready to ride.

“But if you fall off,” Quantrill said to Zeke, “we ain’t stopping to put you back on. You understand that?”

“Let’s ride to Lawrence,” Zeke replied and everyone went “shhh” again.

“Okay, let’s ride!” Quantrill ordered.

So we rode out, Quantrill in the lead, me right behind with that guerilla flag like it was a parade. Behind were the other guerilla leaders and their men. Bolten and Frank James flanked Zeke and when he started to slide off his saddle, they pushed him back on without Quantrill seeing it.

The Hansen dogs caught up with us after awhile and to my chagrin, they carried Zeke’s leg in their teeth.

“What’s that your dogs have got?” Quantrill inquired.

“Looks like a bone,” Jesse James said.

“Looks like a leg!” Bloody Bill shouted out. “Hey, Zeke! Ain’t that your leg?”

Zeke looked puzzled at the leg. Frank James and Bolten looked puzzled at me.

“You give Zeke’s leg to your dogs, Smith?” Frank asked, a little shocked.

“No! I buried it!” I shot back. “And said a little prayer and marked the grave.”

“Must of dug it up,” Bloody Bill said and started chuckling. In fact, everybody started laughing right then at my expense. I looked at Zeke, knowing he was hurt by his leg showing up like that because I hadn’t buried it deep enough. But Zeke was laughing too! Despite the fact he was pale as a sheet and looked ready to die, he thought the whole thing mighty funny. In fact, he laughed so hard, he fell right off his horse.


I’m thinking that sounds pretty darn good. Care to meet up with the author? We’ll, he just happens to be sitting right here, at least in the world of the Internet:

Dave Eisenstark

A fine-looking author, I must say. Here’s the scoop on him:

Dave Eisenstark has been writing professionally and working in the film industry in various capacities for more years than he actually remembers. Nine of his feature film scripts have been produced, including the award-winning comedy Monkey Love (starring Jeremy Renner) and the horror classic Creepozoids.

Like film producer George Lucas, Dave graduated with a degree from USC Cinema; unlike Mr. Lucas, everything else.

Dave’s first novel, The Video Killer, is probably vile, tasteless trash, but possibly amusing, and currently available from Spanking Pulp Press.

Dave past books

Dave was born in Kansas, grew up in Kansas, and received his BA in English Literature from the University of Kansas. His interest in the Missouri/Kansas border war stems from that early exposure.

Dave now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, a production sound mixer on major motion pictures. His daughter resides in Beijing.

Yes, he has pets, who asked not to be mentioned.

For all things “Dave,” go here: (as yet unused)



As for me, I have yet to meet a Dave who didn’t amuse me. Looks like the record is unbroken.

This would be a perfect Christmas gift for the Western-book readers on your Christmas list.

His horse would be pleased…


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* * * Cover Reveal: “Eight Birds for Christmas”, by Tara Mayoros * * *

EightbirdsofChristmas cover

My guest today is Tara Mayoros, and I’m happy to be part of her cover reveal.

This brand-new Christmas novella. a companion to her story Broken Smiles, will be coming out soon, but with a cover this fantastic, it deserves a little bit of a celebration today!

This is one beautiful book cover–and the story sounds just as wonderful:

In the Christmas novella Eight Birds for Christmas, a Holiday funeral sends Laidan into a dormancy of sadness. Holed up in her mother’s lake house with her best friend and her bodyguard, birds appear one by one as gifts that help her through a time of grieving. Each birds carries with it a word and a hope that things will begin to look up.

 Hurt from the realization that the rock star life Laidan led had made her selfish, the birds reveal forgotten memories and glimpses into how she can become a better person. It will take confronting her past to make peace with her future. By taking to heart the gifts the birds bring, Laidan begins to realize the true meaning of Christmas and that there are other ways that she can share her song.

Now, let me introduce you to Tara:



As a child, Tara Mayoros moved to Asia with her family where her love of different cultures and travel began. In college she satisfied her wanderlust by moving to China, filling her head with countless stories, and occasionally writing them down.

Years, marriage, children and many adventures later, she picked up her dusty pen and paper (or laptop) and realized that writing took her to different worlds and gave her the experiences that she yearned for. As an author, artist, baker, music teacher, gardener, and nature lover – she sees the beauty in the process, and the miracle, of creation. The Rocky Mountains are her home and they call to her whenever she finds herself in need of inspiration.

And here’s where you can stay up-to-date on her works:


Remember–Christmas is coming. There are more than likely a couple of people on your list who would love to get this book…



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Review of “The Surreal Killer”, by Jerold Last

jerry last

OK–checklist for the South America trip:

Camera–check. Extra batteries–check. Tour book–check.

Handgun and extra ammo–check.


It seems that vacationing with Suzanne Foster and Roger Bowman is not for everyone. Just getting past security at the airport would be an adventure.

However, the two of them, a husband-and-wife detective team, are not going south of the Equator for fun and relaxation. At the request of their friend Eduardo, who has his fingers in many intelligence and counter-intelligence interests, they are attending a conference of scientists in Lima, Peru, to help track a killer.

Along with the sleuthing, there are plenty of opportunities to bask in the South American climate, eat the local fare, and see a number of tourist destinations–along with some areas they would rather not have seen.

Those would be the places where the corpses were – um – displayed. Well, what was left of them,, anyway.

The only thing that is known is that the killer has struck wherever these meetings were held–thus the connection. The rest is left up to Roger and Suzanne, and their brilliant deductive talents.


Part murder mystery, part travel log–it would be difficult to see how these two could possibly go together. But, like peanut butter and chocolate, this story works.

We go from one to another, with occasional diversions into the mind of the killer, easily and seamlessly. A fiction book where one can learn about the culture and lives of another country, while trying to end a killing spree–totally brilliant! I really liked the concept.

As with any good mystery, there are a lot of suspects, several dangerous situations, a time when one of them is unwittingly close to being killed–and the conclusion of the story, where all is revealed and the deductions of the various sleuths bring it all to a very satisfying finale.

I look forward to reading more from Mr. Last. His books have a very original flavor to them.

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Review of “Laura’s Locket”, by Tima Maria Lacoba


“What I Did on my Summer Vacation”

This is one essay Laura Anne Dantonville is probably glad she didn’t have to write. How to explain why she would run off with a complete stranger in a foreign country, having told no one that she was going–well, even she probably wouldn’t believe it.

But I get ahead of myself.

Laura, Beth, and Angie are taking an end-of-high-school trip together through Italy. Their first stop is Sorrento, where they take in the sights and sounds with squealy-girl joy. All their hard work has paid off, and here they are on their very first overseas adventure together!

Unbeknownst to them, they themselves are also being taken in with great enthusiasm. Soon enough, they find themselves harassed by a group of young men, with no way to get away from them. Then, suddenly, the natives scatter, leaving Laura and her friends face-to-face with an intriguing older man.

This is where it gets tricky. This man, a Frenchman by the name of Phillippe, is drawn to Laura. It seems he knows the girls’ every move, which creeps out Laura’s friends. But he has a different effect on Laura, who seems compelled to agree with every one of his plans. Everything she has ever learned about strangers and danger go right out the window.

But after a scare, she resolves to forget him and move on, much to the relief of her worrying friends and family.

Thing is, will he do the same? Only time will tell.


This short story, a prelude to “Bloodgifted”, Book I in the Dantonville Legacy Series, is a great introduction. It could also be read as a stand-alone, since it has a satisfying ending on its own.

However, clever Ms. Lacoba has added the Prologue and first three chapters of the first book in the series to the end of this short story, making it well worth the purchase price. I have definitely gotten drawn into the life of Laura and the drama that will be unfolding around her in her later years.

But back to this story of Laura and her locket–a bauble given to her by Phillippe before they part. You can bet that that will play a bigger part later on.

The descriptions were well-written–I could almost feel the Italian sunshine trying to warm the countryside in January, and hear the bustle of the tourists as they flocked from one sight to another. And I definitely felt Laura’s remorse when she returned from her adventure and realized what she had done to her friends.

Ms. Lacoba did a great job on this book, and I would not hesitate to buy the rest.


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Weekend Sale on Linkville Press Books – Book Synopses on All of our Books


I’m sure that, by now, you have seen the following post on various pages on Facebook. We at Linkville have not been shy about bandying it about:

November 1st is Book Lover’s Day, and to celebrate, all of our books on Smashwords are just $1 through Sunday!

Visit the link and use the codes at checkout below!


It seemed to me, as I was posting all over, that I really should let everyone know what the books were about. That’s difficult to do on a FB post, so here is the rundown on our offerings so far. Keep in mind that we will have more out soon, once the manuscripts have been through complete editing and formatting processes.

Killing From Inside CB29U


Killing From Inside will take you on a sadistic journey inside the mind of Porter Booth. The anger he had towards his parents, growing up, turned deadly as he begins his adventure around the country. Porter arrives in Georgia, only to find the lovely Sophia. He realizes that she makes him feel like a human being. His love for her soon turns to betrayal. Demons that possess Porter will not allow him to live a normal life. They thrive on blood. Human blood! Porter quickly comes to terms that they will never let him escape.

Be Not Afraid VB59E


Lydia’s faith in God is strong—at least on paper.
But what happens when that faith is tested?
Turned into a vampire by the worst—Vlad Drakul—she feels that God has abandoned her. But the opposite is true.
God rescues her from a fate worse than death, and brings her into the plan He has for global redemption. With the help He sends, she feels like nothing can stop her.
But when Vlad torments her again, and then her family, the temptation to run and hide is almost too strong to resist.
Her answer to God’s call is the deciding factor in the battle that pits the angelic powers of God against the demonic powers of Hell.

Torii EV29Q


Tara just wanted to fit in, but she hated school. When the weird talking dog shows up in her room, Tara is convinced she’s studying too hard, but she can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong. When her best friend is killed, Tara finally decides to listen to the dog, and finds herself in a world she only thought existed in books and movies. So just who is she? And who is the mysterious man with the hypnotic green eyes? Are myths really reality?


Etched In History UV75B


Two families: one white, one black. One family escapes the oppression of 19th-century slavery; the other seeks refuge from the oppression of nature gone wrong. They meet in the wilds of Oregon, in a world far different from the places of their origins. Hope is a strong, vivacious girl, open to friendships and willing to accept all. Joshua is the black teen who becomes her best friend, even though her family does not wish it. When Hope goes blind from scarlet fever, Joshua is instrumental in finding help for her, and Elijah and Mia pave the way for a relationship that spans the centuries. A few years pass, and now Joshua comes to Hope’s aid again, when it seems there is a way to regain her sight. When their relationship blooms into something more serious, it turns out that the ones who are truly blind are those who let racism stand in the way of love. Set in 1800s Oregon, Hope’s journey has her meeting historical figures such as Oregon Senator George Baldwin and Mr. William Clark (Montana’s Copper King) and is a story that will surpass the limitations of prejudice. 

Purify My Heart XZ79N


Darlene, a lonely Military wife, never expected to fall for the dark and handsome Diethelm the witch, yet unbeknownst to her he had bewitched and charmed her into seduction. Now she felt she had betrayed her husband. Could she ever save her marriage?

Diethelm also has plans for her, which were more diabolical than she ever planned – he wants to marry her and make her a witch, but will his plans succeed, or is there a higher power stronger than he that is at work in both their lives?


The Traveler ED57U


For millions of years the members of the S.T.R, Space/ Time Research, Council, of the planet Vevetta II, have chronicled the histories of the planets of the known Universe, their two main rules never to alter the flow of history and never to travel into the future. But all this changed.
A researcher named Warliam Nathback broke the rule about going into the future and found out that the ruling organization of the planet Earth, The Monopolis, was destined to conquer Vevetta II. Upon returning to Vevetta II Warliam warned his people, but the only action they took was to debate the issue.
Finally, in frustration, Warliam forcibly took the Council hostage. The situation ended badly when Warliam’s oldest friend, Flink Plexaha interceded and tried to stop him. It ended with Warliam shooting and injuring Flink Plexaha and killing Flink’s assistant, and lover, Tya Yivata.
After, Warliam was sent to prison and Flink went into the wilderness to deal with his loss.
But that is where this story begins….
Now, Warliam has escaped prison and is on his way to Earth to change history and save Vevetta II from the threat of The Monopolis.
And, now the S.T.R. Council has sent for the one person they believe can stop Warliam, Flink Plexaha…also known as The Traveler….

The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest is the first novel by author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, in his The Traveler Chronicles Series. It is a stirring sci fi story in the tradition of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and The Terminator… 

Psychotic State LB35Z


David Coleman is a bipolar twenty-eight year old man who is one of those people that the world likes to pick on. He is bullied and abused by everyone around him, including his adopted father. When David gets fired from his job after a run in with a couple bullies he loses his medical and stops taking his medication. This causes him to go into a psychotic state and in a twisted idea of justice he decides that it is time for him to take out all his bullies and abusers. The result is a killing spree and ends with a bloodbath that will be a must read for horror fans.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Remember–this sale is only through Sunday, November 2–so take advantage of this sale while it lasts!

And PLEASE share this with friends and family. We at Linkville would be very grateful.

linkville banner



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Doing a favor for a new author

Hi all


Got a message from a new author who is needing some publicity. This’ll be short, since I don’t have much info on her.

Anyway–you remember how it was when you first started out. Give her some help in launching her name and book, would you? She and I would be very grateful.

Hi I’m Ava Bell and I’m a new author, I’m also a blogger so I know how important bloggers are to authors, especially new ones. I would love it if you would share my author page on your blog. I’m trying to establish myself on social media before my book comes out early 2015. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Miles From Home by Ava Bell
Coming in January 2015

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